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We Are the First Line of Defense Against COVID19

Trump’s March 11th national address to the nation makes it abundantly clear, that as it relates to federal action, the American people are “on our own” against the Covid19 pandemic. The citizens of this nation are the best hope for getting through the Covid19 era with the best possible outcomes.

The paucity of factual information, competent action and clearly defined, logical strategy from the Trump administration is astonishing and frightening as we ride the rising curve of exponential growth in the viruses spread. Each of us is on the frontlines of the coming struggles to stem the spread of Covid19.

It is also now especially important that city mayors and state governors realize that timely help may not be coming from an administration that cannot provide a cogent policy on combating Covid19.  Now, the mayors of cities and the governors of the nation’s states must step into the strategic action void on combating Covid19 left by arguably the most incompetent presidential administration in American history.

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