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The Universal One Word

Children of Light B’Nai Ephraim

We believe in the “Universal One Word” given to man by God, in the beginning. We believe that the myriad religions and sects of today are all derived from that “Universal One Word”, changing as ‘it’ traveled to the places where man migrated and settled.

As the “Universal One Word” traveled, man saw fit to change the “Universal One Word” to suit the new circumstances, environments and conditions he encountered. And, even though changed by time and distance; and sometimes corrupted by the arrogance of man, the truths of the “Universal One Word “still manage to shine through in most of man’s religions.

It is by observing that which is similar or shared in each religious practice, and not by arguing that which is different, that we can come closer to understanding and recapturing God’s original truth … the “Universal One Word”

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