May 19, 2024 New York
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Prologue to Disaster

50 years ago, there were people and organizations that knew that if we did nothing to control carbon emissions there could be catastrophic consequences.

The “green clarions” raised the alarm. But the industries and individuals who stood to lose income if the planet moved away from fossil fuels and technologies obscured the facts in attempts to hide the truth.

Today, it is our children, and our grandchildren who will pay the price for the greed and selfishness of the fossil fuel industries. And perhaps ironically, man as a species will pay the ultimate price and become little more than fossils to be discovered by some future intelligence that someday reaches the planet.

The Bible of Christianity speaks of Armageddon, and its prologue, “Tribulation”.  As we look forward at the impacts of climate disruption, we are potentially facing our own secular version of “Tribulation”.  As climate disruption lays waste to farmland, depletes fresh water supplies, engulfs important centers of global commerce in ocean water and more, millions and perhaps even billions of humanities least prepared could die.  And for many who may not directly die from climate disruptions impacts, life could become unbearable to a point where death may seem a welcome alternative to the misery of living.

Even though the hour is late, some must begin to mark the path forward and begin to learn and teach survival in this “new reality”.  While we may not stave off the worst impacts of climate disruption, we can make life more bearable for those who will live through its “tribulations”.

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