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Black Egypt land of the Kemites – YouTube

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Video: Why Are Americans So Obsessed With Guns? – YouTube

HuffPost – Guns have been around for centuries, but no nation...

The Key to a Sustainable Economy Is 5,000 Years Old – LA Progressive

We are again reaching the point in the business cycle known...

Video: What is the Ankh?

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time lapse photography of water ripple
Warriors of the Rainbow: A Hopi Prophecy

Prophecy “Warriors of the Rainbow” There was an old lady, from...

balanced stones

One of Newton’s Laws of Motion states that “for every...

Climate Disruption
Video: Nature Now

There is a natural solution to the climate breakdown: protecting forests....

A pragmatic epiphany on climate disruption …

I took the long way home today after dropping my...

traffic light sign underwater
Prologue to Disaster

50 years ago, there were people and organizations that knew that...

Ice Queen New Babylon Red Moon Redemption The Triangle
“Let America Be America Again” – Langston Hughes

  Let America be America again. Let it be the dream...

The Book of Martha – by Octavia E. Butler

In fact, seated as he was on his huge thronelike chair,...

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