October 5, 2023 New York
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Hands With Latex Gloves Holding a Globe with a Face Mask

Covid19, Dress Rehearsal for Climate Disruption

Covid19 is the dress rehearsal for the most devastating impacts of climate disruption.  We are getting a chance to preview how a government that focuses on markets and profits instead of people will increase pain and suffering.

Now we’re caught up  in the fear of the moment, covid19, and rightfully so.  An untold number of the people we know will suffer or die as a result of governmental incompetence.  And however we fare with this current crisis, know that the consequences of climate disruption will not respond to any drug or vaccine created by man.  

We won’t be able to socially distance our way out of climate disruption. And even if we start right now to seriously address climate disruption, we’re woefully “behind the curve”.  Bringing us back to covid19 and its exponential rise in infections and deaths brought on by incompetence and complacency.

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