February 9, 2023 New York
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A pragmatic epiphany on climate disruption …

I took the long way home today after dropping my son off at his summer job. I did this despite the cost of gasoline and the contribution I would be making to the filthy air of the Inland Empire on this pointless ‘ride’. Sometime during this ‘ride’, a thought began to brew in my mind […]

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One of Newton’s Laws of Motion states that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” I believe this is applicable to each of us, and our interactions with others.  Simplified this means that anything, and everything you do has an impact on your universe.  Like rocks dropped into a lake, each action […]

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Prologue to Disaster

50 years ago, there were people and organizations that knew that if we did nothing to control carbon emissions there could be catastrophic consequences. The “green clarions” raised the alarm. But the industries and individuals who stood to lose income if the planet moved away from fossil fuels and technologies obscured the facts in attempts […]

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That lyric from “Annie” is running through my head; “The sun’ll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow,  there’ll be sun.” At this point I have to point out that even in sunny California, with the rain we’ve gotten this winter I’d be reluctant to “bet” my “bottom” dollar on sun.  But, somewhere, […]

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