February 8, 2023 New York
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On Dictators …

You see, it doesn’t matter your party affiliation, when democracy is lost, it’s lost for everyone.  A nation that succumbs to one dictator of any stripe, will more likely fall victim to another.  And that “other” might possibly be the diametric opposite of the first.   So if you think a particular dictator is to […]

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Prepping for the New Normal

Unless a vaccine or viable treatment options are found, social distancing in some form due to Covid19 could continue into the year 2022.  Americans need to recognize the reality that their lives have dramatically changed in the short term, and will never be the same even when the planet comes to grips with covid19. In […]

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We Are the First Line of Defense Against COVID19

Trump’s March 11th national address to the nation makes it abundantly clear, that as it relates to federal action, the American people are “on our own” against the Covid19 pandemic. The citizens of this nation are the best hope for getting through the Covid19 era with the best possible outcomes. The paucity of factual information, […]

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Covid19, Dress Rehearsal for Climate Disruption

Covid19 is the dress rehearsal for the most devastating impacts of climate disruption.  We are getting a chance to preview how a government that focuses on markets and profits instead of people will increase pain and suffering. Now we’re caught up  in the fear of the moment, covid19, and rightfully so.  An untold number of […]

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How to Begin Living in a Regenerative Culture Today

There is so much potential for meaningful connection, decentralized leadership, and mutual aid right now. We are able to understand now that the Earth is a living organism which has survived 5 mass extinction events and still be able to create tremendously diverse and miraculous life (including you). Recognizing the Earth’s intelligence, and the evolutionary […]

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