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A pragmatic epiphany on climate disruption …

I took the long way home today after dropping my son off at his summer job. I did this despite the cost of gasoline and the contribution I would be making to the filthy air of the Inland Empire on this pointless ‘ride’. Sometime during this ‘ride’, a thought began to brew in my mind — What IF  global warming IS  a myth? What if global warming is, as the detractors say, a natural, cyclical occurrence?

Then I had the thought-explosion; whether global warming is man-made or a natural occurrence, humankind is fucked.

The arguments going on now between the believers and the non-believers vis-à-vis global warming are a complete waste of time and energy; these arguments are essentially ‘Nero fiddling while Rome burns’. Whether natural or man-caused, global warming means millions (perhaps billions) of humans and animal species are going to die.

Global warming means that coastlines will change dramatically and make millions more ‘climate refugees’. In America, global warming will probably devastate states on both the east and west coasts … bye-bye Disney, both ‘land’ and ‘world’!

So while folks on either side of this ‘issue’ are wasting their time trying to decide whether global warming is man-made or natural, it would behoove rational thinkers to prepare for the inevitable. There is no reason to wait until the issue, man or nature is decided, the consequences and outcome are identical either way!

So if you’re looking for a lively and intelligent debate as to the causes of global warming, kindly count me out … I’ll be occupied planning for survival.

Originally published Sat, 06/28/2008, but as prescient today as ever.

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